DC Handal just deployed a Kempower DC fast charging (DFCF)

This 100 kW Kempower DCFC also features dynamic output modulation. Based on an EV’s state of charge (SOC), those with lower SOCs will receive more input than other EVs charging at the same time at this facility, so a quick top-up would suffice.

Depending on the EV’s input capability or number of EVs plugged in, each of this new Kempower unit’s CCS2 dual-gun could output up to 100 kW at its maximum.

The payment as usual similar to all DC Handal DCFC stations are via debit or credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, as well as through both the JomCharge and chargEV apps.

Flexi EV Charging

* Electrifying Your Ride
* Recharge When You Park With Flexi Parking App
* Providing Nation With Advance EV Charging Station

Why Use Flexi Parking EV Charging ?

Autonomy – You can have full control on managing the EV charging station.
Efficiency – Provides further charging cost information for you.
Convenience – You can pay compound, parking, locate EV charging station and charge your car with just one app (Flexi Parking App™)
Eco-Friendly – For better environmental friendly technology approach.

Type 22 kW AC Type 2
4 Bay Unit at Car Park 1B & 2B